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Bishops is a school which celebrates a rich history and strong tradition – a school that distinguishes itself from other schools with its capacity to raise extraordinary young men.

The purpose of the Trust is to connect the school to its constituents by way of effective communications, encouraging participation, and to create a strong culture of philanthropy.

Bishops has been at its strongest and most prosperous when its old boys, parents, past parents and the school have worked together with a common focus – that of ensuring the long term success and sustainability of the school.

Development is core to our vision for Bishops future and our strategy is to focus on diversity and transformation.

South African education is in crisis and the children in this system are our future leaders. A Bishops education is life-changing and it is our hope to offer a Bishops education, mentorship and support to an additional 50 boys from disadvantaged backgrounds, through our bursary and scholarship initiatives.

Although to the naked eye, the Bishops campus is magnificent, preservation of its historic buildings is ongoing and in order to remain current and progressive, new facilities are required. It is up to this generation to extend and enhance this beautiful school, ensuring it remains a world class institution, for future generations.

The Trust thus warmly welcomes everyone associated with Bishops to join us in preserving her history and assisting us in shaping leaders for a transforming society.

For any queries, please contact Nikki Matthews on 021 659 1038 or 079 437 4276.

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Dear Member of the Bishops Community

Our continual pursuit of excellence at Bishops requires excellent staff, excellent facilities and excellent boys.

In order to achieve this noble objective of maintaining Bishops as one of the world’s leading all boys’ schools, I ask that you consider assisting us through one of a variety of funding options.

This year we assisted a number of boys through bursaries that impacted on the lives of talented young men and had a profound impact on the school and our boys in terms of achieving excellence in a wide variety of disciplines.

I recognise the important role that our past parents and ODs have played in building Bishops. They have left us a legacy and set a fine example. That great challenge, that great responsibility and wonderful opportunity now rests with us. This is my invitation to you to join us on this journey.

Please enjoy navigating this website and should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 021- 650-1000.

I encourage you to join this exciting initiative and help ensure that future generations experience the excellent education we did.

Yours sincerely

Guy Pearson



Trust Secretary: Nikki Matthews

Organisational Vision

Our vision is to raise funds in order to safeguard the long term sustainability of Bishops and to ensure that through its initiatives, that Bishops continues to be recognised as a leading school for boys. Our objectives are threefold:

  • to provide capital to build world class facilities
  • to provide bursaries and scholarships for skilled individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford the opportunity
  • to increase annual donations for The General Endowment Fund which supports the highest current priorities and will benefit both current and future students


  • Fostering good relationships
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Dedication
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Pride