Arthur Mngxekeza (1997F)

Measuring the value of contributing towards a Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund is not always easy or tangible. Emotions might play a role in considering a contribution, and clear reason might also influence one’s decision in supporting a pupil going to an elite private school. This week we caught up with Arthur Mngxekeza who was awarded a Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship at the end of 1992.

Arthur gave up a corporate career in telecommunications in Johannesburg, when he had to consider an education for his son, and in his mind the best option was Bishops. Arthur is currently:

  • A consultant on diversity and transformation in the educational sector
  • Head of the Social Advancement Subcommittee on the OD Committee
  • The Executive Chairman of Kwasebuncinaneni Bam Education Centre
  • Head of the Outreach portfolio on the Bishops Prep Parent’s Association
  • A member of the Herschel Girls’ School Diversity and Transformation focus group

Arthur is dedicating his time to early childhood development in local communities, distributing second-hand goods from Bishops to underprivileged communities, delivering Prep sandwiches to Athwood Primary in Hanover Park and helping ODs and parents adjusting to Bishops.    Arthur’s zeal for Bishops education and development of others is truly impacting society around him. This impact has, and forever will exceed the value of the investment in a Bishops education.

When asked what the impact of a Bishops education had on his life he said the following words came to mind, “Manners; Integrity, Creating something from nothing; Repudiating all perceived injustices and Brotherhood.”

These are certainly the values and attributes of a Bishops Boy. These are the qualities we require from the leaders of our transforming society.