Bursary Testimonials

Brian Huna - “A cherished opportunity to fly"

“Inspires Individuals” is not just the tag line for this magnificent institution – it is actually lived by all who are affected by the school.

One such poignant example is the “Bishops Aviation Experience”, where boys who are interested in aviation went...Read More »

Graeme Prevost - Extra Term Donor

Benefactor Report

“During the course of time, one gets approached by numerous charities for donations, but invariably they are faceless as

one just transacts an EFT and you’re done. The reason we got involved in the “Extra

Term”...Read More »

Moshe Apleni


In the book, Hearing Grasshoppers, the Story of Raymond Ackerman, Mr Ackerman recounts that the Nationalist government came into power in 1948, under DF Malan.  In 1949, they appointed the Eiselen commission to look into Bantu Education, and in 1953, the Bantu...Read More »

Arthur Mngxekeza (1997F)

Measuring the value of contributing towards a Hamilton Mvelase Bursary Fund is not always easy or tangible. Emotions might play a role in considering a contribution, and clear reason might also influence one’s decision in supporting a pupil going to an elite private school. This week we caught up...Read More »

Jabulani Sigege

Going to Bishops opened my eyes, doors and my world.

Jabulani is currently a Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel in Cape Town, Jabulani has previously worked at King James and BBDO Cape Town. He studied for a BCom...Read More »

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