Graeme Prevost – Extra Term Donor

Benefactor Report

“During the course of time, one gets approached by numerous charities for donations, but invariably they are faceless as

one just transacts an EFT and you’re done. The reason we got involved in the “Extra

Term” initiative was threefold:

  1. We wholeheartedly believe in what Bishops is all about. It has far exceeded our expectations on all accounts – for us, a worthy recipient of funds;
  1. We wanted to make our contribution personal, a two way dialogue of learning about challenges and sharing experiences, We also wanted to expose our son to different circumstances;
  1. We wanted to give a boy a chance to have a great life experience at Bishops; if we could help a boy and his family in whatever small way, then we have made a difference.

The experience has been far more rewarding than anticipated. It has helped tremendously that the family is awesome and we have moved past the stereotypes and projections that can get in the way of a well-meaning journey for both parties. I met his dad in the Deputy Principal’s office and then we walked to evensong which just happened to be on that night. The comment I will always remember that has set the tone throughout our relationship – “We’re not looking for a hand out, but a hand up.”

We see each other regularly on the rugby fields and at various school events as well as the odd dinner and lunch. We have a WhatsApp group chat. Currently their son is in Canada on exchange for 3 months and he’s doing exceptionally well achieving high 80’s and 90’s for tests and captaining their soccer side (he is a rugby player) and learning so much about life.

We all miss him enormously. The family are very grateful as they see that their son’s step up into a different world will mean that his children and subsequent generations will have a much better chance of living a more comprehensive life, which we find humbling.

I would encourage you to seriously consider the “Extra Term” initiative. You can make an inter-generational difference to someone who needs a hand up. The rewards are personal for both parties.”