Multifunctional Centre



In 2015 a needs analysis, carried out by Council, determined that the schools infrastructure was lacking in many areas and commissioned the services of DHK to undertake an urban planning exercise.   One of the areas found to be sub-standard, is the Mallett Centre.  Being a leading school for boys, Bishops, as it stands does not currently have a facility which can adequately house all parents and learners.  The existing Mallet Centre is problematic for a number of reasons and expansion in its current position is not feasible. Expansion is needed for all programs associated with the Mallett Centre. Such space cannot be found on site and it is for this reason that the decision was taken to relocate the centre, thereby making additional space for much needed classrooms in the Academic block.


DHK identified a space to build a new mutlifunctional centre near the Riverton Road Entrance and will:

  • accommodate basketball, squash, indoor hockey, fencing, climbing, change rooms and a dedicated gym.
  • The gym will be built to function independently of the sports hall so that access to the gym will not be restricted when the sports centre is in use.
  • This centre will also function as an events venue and will be large enough to house parents and pupils together and will be the planned venue for major school events such as the annual Prize Giving, Valedictory and Matric Dances.
  • The new centre will be built around the existing tennis courts with a pavilion to accommodate courtside tennis requirements.
  • In acknowledgement of our responsibility to the environment, this building will be built within a Green framework, which will in furture years have a significant reduction on the Schools resource consumption.
  • Erecting this building will allow for the demolition of the existing Mallett Centre, which will then create space for additional classrooms to be built. The name of the ‘Mallett Centre’ is planned to be used for one of the new buildings to be built as part of the 175 Campaign.

Based on the architects drawings above the costs for this project have been estimated at R80 million.
An incredibly generous donor has kick started this campaign with a contribution of R2 million rand.  As building costs are escalating we are eager to start work as soon as possible.  We therefore warmly welcome you all to join this exciting campaign and give whatever you can, to ensure that this much needed project is successful.  This project will benefit the boys and the Bishops Community for years to come.  Naming rights are available subject to terms and conditions and all donations will be recognised as per the Bishops Trust donor recognition policy. 
There are several ways to assist:
Kindly reference all payments : Name/175PL