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Giving to Bishops is an action which contributes to the school’s future prosperity and ensures that it remains at the forefront of independent school education.

It is selfless philanthropy that contributes to making Bishops a great school rather than just a good school. These donations, legacies and sponsorships assume greater importance as Bishops prepares for the many challenges of the new millennium, not least of which is financial viability.

Through your gifts, you will be assisting in inspiring boys in mind, body and spirit to strive beyond the ordinary, and this will always remain Bishops’ distinguishing characteristic.


Bursary Contributions per Programme

Here are some Testimonials of former Bishops Trust Scholarship winners:

Moshe Apleni

My name is Moshe Apleni. I attended Xolani Lower Primary school and Intshinga Higher Primary school in Gugulethu. I am the last born of seven siblings. The highest standard of education my mother and father reached was standard six and eight respectively.

In 1992 I won a Scholarship to Bishops. This is when my life changed forever.

The all-round education afforded me at Bishops moulded me and provided me with opportunities which I would not otherwise have had. It is my ambition in life to provide similar opportunities to deserving South African children. Bishops taught me that leadership is about service.

After leaving Bishops I studied History, Politics and Philosophy at the University of Pretoria. I returned to Cape Town and founded the Gugulethu Youth Development Forum, a Non–Profit Organization of which I am Secretary. I lead the historic and ground breaking campaign “Name Your Street” on behalf of the City of Cape Town, galvanising the community to participate in the renaming of the streets of Gugulethu. I sat on the panel of experts advising the Mayor of Cape Town on the street name submissions. Bishops taught me the value of community involvement. I see opportunities where others see obstacles.

I am currently employed as a Project Manager at Amp Experiential. Amp is the Consumer Engagement Division of international advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Bishops taught me that success is built on honesty and hard work.

In 2012 I approached a number of fellow ODs and the Bishops Trust with the intention of re-establishing the Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship Fund. This is the fund that Bishops used to create opportunities for talented young men who would not otherwise be in a position to attend Bishops. The fund served to foster diversity, create transformation and deliver excellence. Bishops pioneered this initiative to help groom future leaders of this country and the world.

I am reminded of the words of former Principal John Gardener, the man who chaired the selection panel that afforded me the opportunity to attend Bishops, “Noblese Oblige means that to him whom much had been given much can and will be expected in return”. I am committed to making a difference, please join me in this journey.

I am driving the initiative to re-establish the Hamilton Mvelase Scholarship. In doing so I wish to create a platform for members of the Bishops community to provide opportunities for the next generation of South African leaders to be educated at Bishops.