Prep Library and Learning Centre




As Bishops plans to prepare our pupils for a rapidly evolving world, focus on skills acquisition and the most productive methodologies of teaching and learning are even more critical.  With knowledge now available at the touch of a button, how you access it and what you do with it becomes all important. Libraries at schools remain as essential as ever but are being adapted to function as multi-purpose learning spaces.

This project aims to provide just such a centre.


The library as it stands today is small and cluttered and is simply a space where learners can access books for reading and information.  As the world rapidly evolves, this is no longer adequate.  The upgrade will ensure this becomes a dynamic and inviting, multifunctional space which can accommodate digital media whilst still encouraging an old fashioned love of books.


The Prep School Library and Learning Centre will be a modern, progressive resource centre that:

  • Fosters a love of reading and research;
  • Offers a light airy space that is flexible and connects to a reading garden;
  • Can accommodate technology rich, innovate learning experiences
  • Enables the four critical 21st century skills: communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking;


  • mobile moveable space and furniture;
  • indigenous experiential outside garden;
  • expansion from 120m2 to 210m2;
  • comfortably house an entire grade together;
  • seminar room for teacher/learner activities.



Based on the architects drawings above the costs for this project have been estimated at R11.5 million.

Thanks to some incredibly generous donors, the Bishops Trust has thus far raised R8.5 million which leaves a shortfall of R3 million.  As building costs are escalating we are eager to start work by the 1 December for completion by June 2019.  We therefore warmly welcome you all to join this exciting campaign and give whatever you can, to ensure that this much needed project is successful.

There are several ways to assist:

Kindly reference all payments : Name/175PL

Donations are tax deductible by way of Section 18A receipt.